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Thursday, May 5, 2005


1. Kelly is human.

2. Kelly is a sinner.

3. There is nothing good in Kelly except for Jesus Christ, and she doesn't even do a very good job of representing Him without His help.

4. The Lord's mercies are new every morning.

5. Kelly needs to learn to hope in His mercy and to forgive as He forgives her for Jesus' sake instead of holding grudges and boiling over.

6. Kelly is now back to square number one, learning to acknowledge God in all of her ways as she waits for Him to make her now-crooked paths straight.

Random Facts

1. Kelly loves Pete.

2. Kelly had a good night's sleep last night.

3. Kelly needs to work a bit more on wedding plans, like getting her bridesmaids' dresses ordered.

4. Kelly loves her sister, Kate.

5. Kelly has stared at her computer for far too long today, but Kelly has a new email address and/or cell phone number--you want it? post a comment and I'll get it to you.

6. Kelly's new digital camera is extremely cool.

7. Kelly would like to hear from the following people: Angel, Heidi, Pete (always Pete), Joel (either Moughon or Langner), Tim (Moughon or Chevalier), Joli, and April. She would not object to correspondence from Nathan Aubrun in The Last Samurai. (NOTE--not Tom Cruise, Nathan Aubrun or however you spell his name.)

8. Kelly has a secret desire to go to Broadway and give the Christine currently playing in the Phantom of the Opera the what-for by auditioning and stealing her part. SHE can play Carlotta! *evil laugh*

9. Most recent date with Pete: Michael Card concert in Winchester, Virginia.

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VERY fun. Very special.

10. Kelly might need another good night's sleep tonight.


Anonymous said...

Amen to fact #10. :[]

Andie said...

11. Kelly is awesome because she serves and awesome God and loves people His way...even when she doesn't think she does. ;-)

Angel said...

You dear, funny girl! This is me, letting you hear from me. ;) I want to catch up sometime soon, hopefully this weekend if you're not too busy. :) Let me know!


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