Explainable Schizophrenia

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

You may have noticed that my blog look keeps changing. Here is why:

1. There is this thing that surfaces in the last stages of pregnancy called a "nesting instinct." I have it. Bad. It drives me to want to move furniture and clean out closets and dust and make a nursery and do lots of other random things to make my surroundings more comfortable.

2. I am supposed to conserve my energy. This keeps me from moving my furniture around and cleaning too much.

3. Pete and I live in a rental home, and we really can't decorate/paint our rental. (This is a good thing for Pete--it means he is not having to change the color of the living room every month or so.) We also have no room for a nursery, so I am "painting" my blog in preparation, I think. (Don't even attempt to figure out gender here--I'm just in a summery mood at the moment.)

4. Because I am on my computer a lot to do photo-editing, my computer has offered me some new "surroundings" that it takes very little energy to tweak.

5. I have been learning a new photo-editing program. Instead of defacing my poor brides and their weddings, I have been editing/creating some new photos of my own so that I can get through my pictures more quickly. I happen to like some of my work enough to post it.

6. HTML is a very good way to channel panic/anxiety attacks so that they don't overwhelm me.

I suspect after this baby is born, I will have to settle on one look. Between diapers, nursing, and enjoying wearing my jeans again (along with any other fallout to finish editing my weddings from this spring!), I suspect I'm going to be swamped. I have to work out a way to make money on this... :-P


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