a visit to Charleston

Friday, May 18, 2007

Mom and Dad and I are in Charleston this week!

Dad called Mom and said, "How would you like to go to Charleston?" And she said she'd like to go, and then we went.

We got a nice, cushy car to drive down in. It's very quiet and not noisy at all. It also has bigger seats for Mom to sit in so that she can be comfortable with me pushing her hips apart.

Uncle Gabe has been hanging out with us at the conference. I like him. His voice is loud and it wakes me up. I keep trying to show him how big I'm getting, but Mom tells me to pipe down because she doesn't have enough room for me to be moving around like that in here.

Today, Mom and I went grocery shopping for breakfast in Mt. Pleasant, where Mom and Dad spent their honeymoon. I wanted to go to the beach, but Mom wouldn't do that without Dad. We only made one wrong turn! I think Mom has a good sense of direction.

When we were crossing the big suspension bridge over the river, Mom waved at some girls in a school bus. We think they were on a field trip.

And then we got food, and I was happy and Mom was happy, and then we got Mom's haircut, and then we went to the conference where Dad has been working with Uncle Gabe, and we ate lunch, and NOW it's time for us to nap.


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