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Monday, July 9, 2007



I've been trying for a couple of weeks to figure out how to do my blog so that it will have a coherent background and so that I can switch my sidebar to the left, but I've been hitting a total creative roadblock.

Thankfully, I think my stress levels are lowering today, which enabled me to come up with this particular template, a combination of several pictures I shot yesterday for something like this. The whole thing is a big puzzle, really, but I think it came together.

It also kept me out of Pete's hair so that he could get some studying in, now that he's home for the rest of the month. It's so hard to believe everything is coming at us so quickly. We're kind of staring at the bar and the baby coming and feeling like we're going to get run over, but it will be over by the end of July, whether we get run over by it or not!

August is going to be a very happy month for us, I think.

But boy, can we use prayer. Thank you to those of you who have let us know that you are praying. God is using your prayers. There are times we both feel the panic lift, or get that good night's rest or just find ourselves breathing for a moment and remembering that we're alive, that God is faithful, and that He is good.

One of these times I'll actually get to post my baby's picture on here! At the moment, I can't wait...


Heidi said...

Hey, I really like the new background! Cool and different. Keep it for awhile! ;)

Megs said...

I love the new layout, Kel!!! It's beautiful!

Kelly Sauer said...

Planning to keep it for a while. ;-) Maybe tweak it a little here and there, but I am pretty happy with it for now. I liked the "journal" concept.

Anonymous said...

:) I really like your layout! And I am pretty sure your waiting is being rewarded:) It will be fun to see pics of you, pete, and weebix!

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