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Saturday, September 8, 2007

I ran across a post on Zoanna's blog aimed directly at postpartum moms. I appreciated (and needed) her willingness to connect honestly to encourage. It worked. She suggested writing out 21 things I'm thankful for, so here are my 21, at 5 a.m. when Piper hasn't been wanting to nurse well and won't set any sort of schedule because our lives are too crazy and we can't settle down.

1.) My husband. He is very giving and gets out of bed when I can't move to help Piper at night.

2.) Sunlight. Vitamin D is good.

3.) Piper's smiles. She's beyond social--she's a ham. Already.

4.) Sleep (when I can get it).

5.) People who care.

6.) People who understand.

7.) One grocery shopping trip accomplished this week.

8.) A cleaned bathroom (including tub).

9.) I've been able to keep up with some laundry.

10.) One day this week in which I met my photo-editing goals.

11.) Consignment shops for baby clothing.

12.) My sister's penchant for jeans--and subsequent purging of a few pairs that fit me.

13.) Time to finish reading a book.

14.) God is still teaching me about His love--and how to love Him.

15.) Fall is just around the corner. Hurrah for cooler weather!

16.) I can still see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. I don't always notice that I can, but I can.

17.) Food. I just like it.

18.) Water.

19.) God is Sustainer. (Good thing, I'm feeling rather unsustained at the moment in myself. Granted, you would too at 5:00a.m. with less than six hours of sleep. Why am I up?)

20.) Soft, soft beds.

21.) Some serious talk time with a few people recently.


Not sure if it helped me feel better, but it's out of my system, at least.


Tricia said...

I really like the new look! Perfect for autumn. :)

Jessica said...

Sounds to me like you've gotten a lot accomplished this week!

I am continually amazed by how much time and energy one little girl takes, so I admire you for every little bit of laundry and cleaning that you are able to get done! Seems like many (if not most) days all I am able to do is keep myself and Lucy fed and relatively contented. Motherhood is a lot more difficult than I imagined, and I believe most of us probably need to lower our expectations of ourselves and just accept the tasks that we are able to do each day. God provides just enough grace for each day, nothing more, nothing less, in order that we keep coming back to Him to be our Provider!

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