A List of Firsts

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

This last weekend, I managed to acquire quite a number of things to add to my list of firsts. I told Piper it would be an adventure for her, but I found it to be one for me too!

This weekend was my first time to:

*Go further west than Colorado
*Travel with my own infant
*Eat and LIKE non-homemade cookies
*Meet Pete's mom's family
*Attend a live dinner theater
*See the Arizona mountains
*Ride on a 767 jet
*Watch a movie on a flight
*See Colorado's yellowing aspens from the air
*Have someone offer me a beer (it was fun to have an excuse like nursing to say no!)
*Be part of a Sauer girls picture
*See cactus in the grocery store

And as an interesting aside, God is teaching me about trust through Total Immersion. Basically, I'm discovering that I have more courage than I thought I had to step out on faith and believe that He is who He says He is and that He will provide, even though we don't know what is coming. For so long, Pete and I couldn't see past the end of July, and now that we're out living in that nebulous nothingness that I think is supposed to be time to rest, we're having to wait on God for any sense of direction at all.

It's scary, and crazy, and real, and every month, the bills get paid.

And for something extra-special, God led Pete's employers to raise his pay amount just enough to cover the extra expense of putting me and Piper on his insurance! Finding God to be real and involved in these nitty-gritty, very earthly concerns of our lives is absolutely amazing to watch. I mean, I've heard that He does stuff like that, but actually seeing Him provide in my life... wow...


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