7 Months and Spunky

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Piper has two teeth now, which she frequently uses to her proposed advantage. I think she likes to hear us yelp.

Uncle Gabe taught our girl how to wave when he was here studying. Now she waves at everyone, including the baby in the mirror, who very kindly waves back like she knows what she is doing too.

Piper has decided that she wants to whistle. When Dad or Mom whistle at her to get her attention, she has begun pursing her lips and blowing out a hum, just to make a similar sound. We figured with a name like Piper, she'd probably decide to play the violin, but we're wondering if she'll be a Piper after all!

She just moved into 12-month clothing. Long legs + cool weather + too-short pants = Mom is cold, so Piper wears bigger clothes.

Nana, Aunt Pooh, and Auntie M. had fun helping Mom look for some new outfits for her, now that she has outgrown most of her baby gifts. We also found some very cute hats.

She knows she's cute.

We love her giggle. Can you hear it?

Our girl is starting to ham it up for the camera. She gets this from her Uncle Jonathan.

Yes, this cute face is getting us more attention than we bargained for, but we must admit she is doing her part to pitch in. She bought us a water on our way home from Nana's house by making eyes at a very nice man in the gas station, and he fell in love with her smile. While I was digging for my credit card, he was already paying for our selection! We will speak to her about this when she is old enough to understand that she may not sell herself for food.

As it is...

Meet our little convict. You can just see the world-weariness in her eyes... Too much biting will get you into trouble!


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