Little Things That Make Me Happy

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When we decided not to buy a house of our own so that we could focus on my health, I told Pete, "Let's have a good year together in this house." We decided to unpack a bit and make the place ours for now. So while there are things that annoy me about our rental (cute as it is!), there are a lot of little things around the house that I love, little things that make me happy, little things that keep me smiling.

You know, things like ivy and sun in my office window,

A new couch that makes my living room homey,

In spite of a few needed repairs...

Things like our wedding-gift bed cornered in our room, waiting for a tulle canopy,

And a new friend: Master Joshua Wimsey. Piper kissed him at the health food store. This little piggy didn't turn into a prince, but the princely cost we paid necessitated his rise from herb-stuffed toy to beloved member of the family. (Mia, the cat, is still beating him out for cost - a bullet-hole in her side just cost us $140 this weekend. She is in the house now, avoiding more trouble. Now we have two babies waking us at night. The pig is silent.)

And bright yellow mums that my husband brought me for fall.


Heidi said...

I like the couch! And I like your little house in looks very cute and "you." :) Wish we could come visit!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful home, Kelly! :-)

the Joneses said...

I like your living room, especially the little girl on the rug.

Here's a random incident: I asked Daphne what she was playing with the other day, and she said, "Miss Kelly and Piper." Um. All right.

A real bullet hole in the cat? How on earth? Wow. Puddles continues to be a healthy and fairly independent cat who nevertheless likes to sleep curled up next to me in the mornings. We certainly got the *cheaper* cat, anyway.

-- SJ

Leeann said...

Great pics! Thanks for letting us into this new part of your world... can't wait to see it in person :)

Christy said...

I love the pictures. :-) Your couch is great (very you, like Heidi said) and the mums are beautiful.

dancebythelight said...

So cheerful! I love your bedroom, it looks so calming and beautiful. I love the colors in your living room, they're similar to the ones I have in my house. The couch is awesome! Love the stripes and the texture. It almost looks antique! A great find. And the "Home" quote is so sweet. You've gotten so much organized in so little time!

Kelly Sauer said...

We wouldn't be this organized if it hadn't been for the fact that we have virtually *no* storage here, so everything had to come out to be put away!

S. Mehrens said...

Echoing everyone else's comments -- your home looks very peaceful and beautiful. I am glad to see you are able to settle in. Crazy about that cat! Ugh. Piper has good taste. Master Wimsey is very cuddly looking, even for a pig.

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