Piper Sings ABC

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Today, I am actually managing some time processing a wedding. When I work on the computer, I usually work with a gate across the door to my sunroom office and one ear cocked to listen to Piper. There are knick-knack shelves forming the wall to my right that open into the living room, so I can see the whole length of the house.

So today while I was working, I put on Baby Shakespeare for Piper. I heard her puttering around the living room, laughing at the puppets and the animals on the DVD. Then the ABC song started.

Hearing Piper's voice, I turned to look, and she was standing in front of the TV singing along with all the little kids. There was lots of "see-dee" in her voice, but it was definitely singing!

This is happy and cute, and SO encouraging today as I've been wondering if I'm a bad mom because everything is "kitty" to her and she doesn't feel the need to speak English yet. Still, I know she understands most of what we say to her, whether she will acknowledge it on command or not.

I have this niggling feeling that she's going to start talking in full sentences. And when she does, I suspect she's not going to stop!


Jessica said...

Ninety percent of Lucy's vocabulary consisted of "baby" until just a few months ago, and now she copies everything we say. I'm sure Piper will catch on quickly. :-)

Somebody's thinking... said...

My nephew did not say the first word until after he was two. Now my sister cannot get him to stop. I would not worry too much.

Carol said...

Kelly, only one of my four kids had ever said a real word by 16 months. No ma-ma, da-da, or ba-ba.3 of them were just really late talkers, but all of them can talk just fine now. 16 months is really early, actually. Don't worry one bit about it. I did worry a bit with the younger girls, but knew that if they understood others, then there was no problem.

S. Mehrens said...

I tried to leave a comment twice yesterday, but Blogger wouldn't let me - kept giving me an error. So here I go again...

I've been told a lot lately by random people that they've seen children either tend to get mobile early (sit up, crawl or walk or all of the above early) or they tend to talk early. Perhaps Piper falls into the first camp? Lauren's been SOOOOO slow in getting mobile. She's now 15.5 months and still isn't walking, but her vocabulary is pretty big. I'm sure Piper will be spouting words before you know it. It sounds like she's trying her voice out anyways. :)

Love the part about her singing. Too cute.

Kelly Sauer said...

Thanks so much for the encouraging comments. I know that I'm going to mess my kids up in some way or another. It's inevitable. It's hard to let go of the idea that I can actually be a perfect mom if I just try hard enough!

Yay for kids who are different from other kids so that there is ALWAYS a normal somewhere!

the Joneses said...

Addie didn't say any words until she was two and a half, when she finally began repeating the alphabet after me. It doesn't seem to have hindered her subsequent progress any. :) We always thought she was delayed. Turns out, the range for "normal" extends much farther than most of us realize.

Piper's a bright, interactive little girl. She, like all other children, learns on her own time.

-- SJ

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