when boring can be beautiful

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I really must have the cutest kid ever - lucky for her she's so cute. This is her happiest moment at my birthday dinner this evening. We'd just told her it was time to "go" and she was SO ready to get OUT of that high chair. Dad was her hero!

It's been a good day, albeit a nothing-really-got-done-or-thought-about day. The sun was out, tons of people wished me happy birthday (which is funny, because I'm as likely to forget my birthday as I am to forget everyone else's!!! You who know me KNOW what I'm talking about!). I woke to a paper towel banner reminder that today is my birthday. I think the freezer is still wearing the other paper towel banner wishing me a happy birthday. Pete is so sweet. I certainly haven't earned points with him by remembering his very well...

Poor Piper has been sick the last couple of days, and she's been wanting to nurse almost non-stop, clingy and cranky. Yesterday was a wash; today, I just wanted to not snap at her. She's doing better this evening. Her fever is not so high as it has been, and she's more energetic (is this really a good thing??? :-P)

I don't have anything deep or profound to say today, so I'll leave you with this little tired rundown of whatever because I wanted to put up a post and type something out. Reminds me of my old journaling days, the ones that I determined to write something every day and figured out that my life was too boring to write about that often.

Well, boring is good today. I like boring. It means I can breathe. It means I have actually lived a "normal" day. And that is unusual for me. It was a good day. And now I am going to bed. To get a good sleep.

I should have more to say tomorrow.

What can I say? I live in hope. ;-)


Alison said...

Happy birthday! And boring is good--the alternative usually means chaos, and I will always pass on that.:)

So glad God brought you here.

||| laura frantz ||| said...

Happy Birthday! You're never boring, hon. We love you!

Leeann said...

You do have a darling daughter. She totally stole my heart with the last hug she gave me in SC... as if she didn't have it already...

Whatsit said...

so...I can't say I ever thought your old journaling days were boring. :) I still think my all-time favorite entry was the one that opened with "Lord, Kate is an idiot." and ended "Lord, I am the idiot." I hope its okay/legal to reveal on blogger that I read your journals then though...:-p Anyway, if that is boring, bring it on some more. :) happy birthday again.

Kelly Sauer said...

Dear Sis,

Dunno if it was legal to put that out here, but hey. I'm not a private person... :-P It's okay. I can admit I'm an idiot. ;-)

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