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Friday, June 26, 2009

Having cable television (an add-on expense justified only because we can't abide the thought of paying so much per month ONLY for Internet) has inevitably brought me into contact with more commercials. I have been fascinated to watch the ad attempts at selling highly-priced products in our current down-time economy.

Evidently things aren't going so badly for some companies. Walmart, for instance, is doing quite well, running ads about how much you can save on everything by shopping at Super Walmart. (I hate to say we've bit on this ad, but we did it before they started running.)

The one that has had me grinning happily lately, however, is the absolutely wonderful commercial about the Irish dancer, waking up to Folgers coffee, with a re-tooled theme that includes a Celtic underpinning. That song alone made me want to drink coffee in the morning when I was growing up. It gives me the nicest, safest, most familiar feeling in the world.

Folgers was on its way out of business when Smuckers bought them out as the economy was skyrocketing toward the gourmet. Smuckers was smart, buying out the cheapo companies, and now they're making a nice profit on the products people are returning to buy since the bottom dropped out of the market.

Why am I happy? I'm pregnant. I don't drink coffee. And Pete is still splurging on his gourmet coffee (except for his Dunkin' Donuts Coolatta cravings). But I'm happy (and thanking God for this really, really random thing - wow, He puts up with me and my humanity, doesn't He?) because my daughter gets to experience something I experienced and loved as she grows up too.

So here's to memories that get lived in today. It makes me feel like the end of the world is less imminent, anyway. ;-)


Leeann said...

My earliest memory of mornings at home are hearing the coffee grinder (at 5 on weekdays, later on weekends of course) - the sound and imminent smell gave me a sense of security, knowing Dad was near; in my later years it instilled me with a sense of awe, knowing that his early rising was all to provide for his family. I will always love coffee grinders and the smell of coffee for this reason.

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