This Place

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Don’t know why I’m standing here,
Caught in this place for too many years,
Chasing shadows, chasing dreams,
I can’t trust, I can’t get free…
Pain-filled eyes haunt my mind,
The darkness comes, and I am blind
It killed me, I am dead—
I am a walking dead.

I can’t help that I’ve seen too much,
This pain that I can’t seem to touch,
I can’t be strong, can’t heal this wound,
I’m in too deep; I’m dying soon.
These demons that are crushing me
Don’t care that I am dead, that I can’t see.
I’m running here, so afraid
Why can’t I get away?

Can’t be weak, must be strong
Must fight back, can’t go on
Too afraid of the black night here
Helpless sobbing—too deep for tears.
Garbled words escape my lips,
Still burning from betrayal’s kiss.
I am sorry, I am dead, I’m dead
I’ve lived too many lives.

I’m running, falling in this place
Finding here a strong embrace
Whispers from a voice so soft,
Cutting through the fear and loss…
A song I think I’ve heard before
Gentleness I’ve never known—
Thought that I was all alone,
Dying in this place.

The rising moon is silver-gowned,
Cutting lightly through the clouds
I’m leaning hard on a shoulder firm
Covered by a gracious arm.
Don’t need to hope, just rest for now,
Shadows fleeing the moonlight glow.
Trembling, with a hand in mine,
I am not alone this time,
Sheltered, cradled in this grace.


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