Every Morning

Friday, September 3, 2004

Enchanted by You…
Just to see Your face,
To kneel at Your feet
And listen.

Your voice so softly washes over me,
I am overwhelmed.
With Your breath You touch my face,
I cannot look into Your eyes,
For You see me, know me...

The soft glow of Your mercy
Rises with this dawn,
Just like every morning.
Why have You let me sit with You?
This place, at Your feet,
So familiar, so safe.
My haven.

I cannot help this wonder,
But I cannot capture You:
Your beauty,
What picture could I paint?

That Cross seems too dark this morning,
Brokenness so far away.
But I could not gaze upon You,
You could not be safe—
I’d have no life inside me…
But for Jesus.
Why this for me?


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