In His Dwelling Place

Monday, October 4, 2004

I need to know what God wants for me right now. I need to spend some time in His dwelling place, abiding with Him, remembering who He is, and who I am in Him. My whole world has been shaken lately, and I don't even know where to begin except in Him.

I'm rather surrounded today by His grace as I wait. I know this. But I need out. I need to go and spend some time with Him. I need to let go of me right now and just get down with God and not even see what He wants me to do, but who He is.

I believe it's possible to live by faith, and to walk in the Spirit. I believe it's possible to love others with the love of Jesus Christ and to offer grace to them instead of pressing them in to my boundaries or standards. I believe it's possible to offer mercy. But not if I do not know that love and grace and mercy for myself.

The attacks are blatant and loud right now, clamoring to keep me from getting down and thinking and praying. I'm not looking for peace. I'm looking for God, though, and I'm going to stand today in the name of Jesus Christ and think about the truth I know.

Maybe it's not as simple as that. But I guess I'm willing to risk it and find out.


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