Tuesday, May 17, 2005

One thing I never figured on when I used to dream about getting married was becoming an instant aunt. Wow, though. I also never figured on how cute the little squirtlings could be!

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This is my niece-to-be, Miss Elisabeth Margaret Beatrix Mather, Pete's sister Amy's youngest. From what I understand, She also goes by "THRASHER." Pete says the innocent look must be the Sauer genes coming out. The title on the picture would imply that she is about to create mayhem. Look, though, isn't the little pixie sooo cute?????


Andie said...

oh my WORD. she's adorable. wow. *grin*

Anonymous said...

cute nothin! She doesn't even have a pitchfork or wings! Get ahold of yourself! :-D :-P

Anonymous said...

She's totally adorable!
Kristen(The Littlest sis)

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