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Monday, May 23, 2005

I had a fun day on Saturday. I forgot I knew how to take pictures. But by the time I finished taking pictures at 4:00 on Saturday afternoon, I discovered that I couldn't STOP taking pictures! My brain was going through its "focus, refocus, snap!" mode for the next twelve hours after Vanessa's wedding!

Oh, it was FUN being the photographer, though! Running in and out and up and down, and capturing the moments that people wanted to remember, capturing their memories. I could SO do this full time! Well... provided I get on an exercise regimen!

Can anybody tell me how to set up a website to post the pictures on? The blog is NOT going to cover this, and I'm ready to go professional--at least with the website! I have pictures from Matthew and Christy's engagement, from Christy's shower, and now from Vanessa's wedding that need to go up!

For the rest... Nic's wedding was awesome. She was so happy--there was a smile she wore that went all the way to her eyes, and then some! The reception at PHC was beautiful, especially the dancing--Yes, DANCING!--at PHC! They turned the lobby into a dance floor--it was like something from a dream! And Chris was quite happy himself! (gee, let me think about why!)

There was a great line from somebody to Pete about whether we were getting ideas for our wedding in October. Something about how the wedding is the culmination of all of my girlhood dreams and Pete will just have to survive it. It was funny, because Chris had more of an opinion about the wedding on Saturday than Nic did! And me? I've only had dreams since Christmas for Pete to live up to, and we've been trying to dream them together.

Mostly, it was just fun to take pictures. LOTS of fun. I am SO excited about this... Of course, I haven't *seen* the pictures yet, so we'll see what happens. I took over 1200! Hopefully we'll get a few that we like. I'm getting Photoshop to do a really nice job with them, and will be burning a CD for them to print them off as they like!

Okay, can you tell I'm excited?

I'll post a couple pictures later!


Anonymous said...

hey, I wish I coulda taked pic's! I love taking pictures! That sounds totally crazy, not knowing how to take pic's though!
Kristen(The littlest sis)

Anonymous said...

I just got permission to put up comments. I'm not allowed to get my own blog, though.
Kristen (THe littlest sis)

Anonymous said...

by the way.. I like the name of your blog.

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