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Monday, June 6, 2005

What a weekend. I think I was Christy's loudmouth bridesmaid--I did a lot of barking at a lot of people to get a lot of things done.

It was fun... until I realized that my cell phone decided to take a vacation and honeymoon with Matthew and Christy! Ahem. Talk about sneaky. Poor Matthew. He finally reaches a point where I have congratulated him on his winning of my best friend, and then my cell phone takes it upon itself to go spy on him even AFTER they're married! *groan*

The wedding ceremony was beautiful (aren't they all???), and their first kiss was, according to their officiant, one that rocked the world. They had the chicken dance at their reception. and a bunch of people didn't know how to do it, but we all had a blast learning!

On Sunday, Kate and I headed to the airport to fly back to Northern VA. Ash was on the same plan we were--until the pilot explained that we'd have to dump people because the plane was overweight. With a $250 voucher and an upgrade to first class, Ash was off the plane before we knew it. Man, was she lucky.

She got to Cincinatti on the other side of the weather that delayed Kate and me in Chicago . We got stuck on a rather hot plane in Chicago for about 4 hours while we waited to be cleared for take-off. It was fascinating watching the people on the plane start to talk to each other, and when we finally took off, everybody cheered and clapped! It was really cool, and I think, as miserable as it was, it was an experience worth having.

We landed at BWI at about 9:00 pm (after leaving at 11:3o am), and arrived at home at midnight, to find my worried, praying fiancé waiting for us. That was very cool. I very much missed my cell phone on Sunday. *wry grin* It's like carrying him in my pocket. What can I say? It's a security thing!

I then proceeded to sleep for twelve hours (since I'd barely slept all weekend), and came into work at 1:00. I'm wasted. And I get to do this again next weekend, going to Connecticut to spend time with some of my future in-laws!

It was a thinking weekend, though, and a good weekend for me to learn to pray again. Without Pete to call after I lost my cell phone, I could just pray, and I moved from absolute misery at the beginning of the trip, to a tired sort of triumph at the end, knowing that God was working in me and changing my heart about a lot of things. He's filling me up with His love again to give to Him and to others. He also convicted me of some self-justification in my life that left Him out. I also got a chance to talk to some people that I've wanted to talk to for a long time... and some new doors opened for friendships I've prayed about for years!

Picture from the wedding coming soon!


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