For Just a Moment

Friday, July 8, 2005

I'm going offline this weekend.

I'll be staying at a bed and breakfast tonight and tomorrow night for my last time by myself before the wedding, and probably after the wedding too. I'm too tired, and so much has happened. I just want to rest for a moment or two, to make some time to talk to God and remember who He is and how He's loved me.

This weekend, I need to face some things with God that I have not faced. He's been convicting me recently, and the chastening hurts, but I need to be humble before Him. I'm hoping that this weekend, I will again find Him on the other side of my pain--sovereignly just, and covering my sin in the blood of Jesus Christ... I'm hoping I can find joy again, and remember what it is to place my hope in Him.


Andie said...

Praying for you, princess.

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