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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I found the post below at a discussion site I am on at Yahoo!, and it resonated with something I've been struggling with. I try so hard to measure up to my own idea of right, and to top others' ideas of right, but when it comes down to it, I am nothing before the "right" and "truth" of Jesus Christ. I'm still learning this lesson...


I can't help but thinking of a story that my very wise Sunday School teacher shared not too long ago. She said that she lives in a white house. She said that she always loves to drive up in her driveway and see her beautiful, stark-white house. She said that it stands out so beautifully against the trees and grass around her house. It LOOKS clean and pristine in the environment that it is in.

But, one day, while she was gone, it began to snow. As she drove up to her house, it jumped out at her how dirty her house was against the pure white snow on the grass and trees surrounding her "white" house.

Her analogy was this: "When I look at my house and compare it to it's surroundings, it looks pure, clean, white as snow. When something that is truly pure and white comes and surrounds my house, the dirtiness utterly stands out. Each dark blot is amplified against the purity of the snow."

When we measure ourselves against rules, principles, and how well we can live by them, then we can deceptively think that we are without spot or blemish. When we measure ourselves against Jesus Christ, the pure Lamb of God that is white as snow, our blemishes and blots are utterly obvious.

Who or what are you measuring yourself by? Jesus Christ ALONE is the only one who can purify us to be white as snow before God. It is by HIS blood, not our filthy rags (works) that we are made righteous.

Praise be to our Heavenly Father for loving us all so much that He sent His precious Son to die for our sins on the cross. Our sin debt has been paid, ONCE AND FOR ALL. AMEN!!


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