A Traveling Weekend

Monday, August 8, 2005

Pete and I just got back from a cool trip to CT. Nine hours in the car with nothing to do but talk to each other was really cool!

When we got in to his parents' house about midnight on Friday night, I was so punch-drunk tired that I was laughing at everything and had no qualms about being open, which started off the weekend very well. It ended up being my best time with his family yet, and I've come back very much looking forward to the wedding, and to their visit in September for the wedding shower!

We ALSO got to see Kent, Laura and baby Emilie on Saturday evening, and I got permission to post a picture! She is absolutely adorable, and so, so tiny. Well, except to Laura, who gave birth to her and is a bit biased as to her size. She makes lots of funny noises and feels very fragile, though I'm told she is not. You would think that after having seven younger siblings of my own I'd be over my wonder at it all, but I can't get over how small she is.

I've been thinking a LOT about what would happen if I had my own baby (since I'm surrounded by people lately who are having their first--Laura, Joli, my old RA, Caleb and Annie... who knows who else!). I have no idea. This is very much going to be a God thing. I have a feeling that getting married is going to lay me wide open for the biggest adventure of my life, and I don't know what's going to be around the next corner! It really puts a new meaning to the idea of trusting God and relying on His faithfulness and His immutability as everything in my own life changes!

Anyway, here is the picture of Miss Emilie Diann Boyle, my newest niece-to-be, who is exactly one week old today!


Anonymous said...

Awhh...she's so cute. :-) I think you'll make a great Aunt!

Andie said...

But terrifying :-P

Anonymous said...

she does look tiny. But she's adorable!! How much did you zoom in on her?

Anne said...

Hey Kelly, I found your blog! Girl, you will make a great mom some day, and motherhood is one of the greatest blessings you'll ever experience. No sense rushing it though, all in God's timing :-) Enjoy being married first!!


Kelly Sauer said...

Thanks Annie... I know I'm not quite ready to be a mom yet. I still haven't learned baby-talk! *grin* Guess I'll let Pete handle that when it comes. Nothing's foolproof, but I'm learning to trust God with it, and what He does will be okay. LOL--I'm still not even sure that I CAN have kids!

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