Broken Things...

Monday, September 19, 2005

When I don't know how to love Him...


You can have my heart
But it isn't new
It's been used and broken
And it only comes in blue

It's been down a long road
And it got dirty on the way
If I give it to You, will you make it clean
And wash the pain away?

You can have my heart
If You don't mind broken things
You can have my heart if You don't mind these tears
Well I heard that You make old things new
So I give these pieces all to You
If You want it You can have my heart

So beyond repair
Nothing I could do
I tried to fix it myself
But it was only worse when I got through

Then You walked right into my darkness
And You speak words so sweet
And You hold me like a child
Til my frozen tears fall at Your feet.
You can have my heart
If You don't mind broken things

~Julie Miller, "Broken Things"


Leeann said...

How encouraging to know that God will take us – or what’s left of us – and use it for His glory. You would think that the King of the Universe, being worthy of all things, would make for Himself honorable instruments. But somehow He sees fit for the display of His glory that the transformation of the dishonorable things into His likeness is more pleasing… something along the lines of how Scripture says that salvation is a mystery to the angels, they cannot understand it because it is a unique covenant between man and God… that is a pretty mind-blowing thing.
This song reminds me of “The Offering,” which I wrote I think my last semester in school… do you remember that, Kell?

Kelly Sauer said...

I don't, actually... Did you send it to me?

andie said...


thanks for posting that.

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