Weekend Experiences

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

So Saturday was my second bridal shower. :-D

Both of my moms were down for it, and I really enjoyed watching them get to know each other a little. My friend Bev hosted the shower in her beautiful home in Waterford, and we all quite enjoyed the atmosphere! She outdid herself with the decorations and food!

I got several of the things that I had asked for, and people from Connecticut even sent gifts for us! It was a special experience for sure!

Pete's sister, Mary Jo, was the life of the party. I'm still learning so much about her. She and I are so much alike sometimes it's funny! She loves to be a princess, and just sparkles under the attention! I gave her all the bows at my shower, and we decided she should wear them, and everybody applauded as she put them on. She loved it! But she wouldn't wear them around my brothers... *grin* She was so determined to help me out that she took down the name of each person who gave me a gift at the shower--no easy task with everything going on at once!

Pete's parents bought us our BED, which was like, whoa (I'm lovin' it! I haven't had a real bed since I was a little kid!), and my parents bought us our DINING ROOM SET--which was also like whoa! We were so excited! (We've been eating off a card table lately!)

I crashed early on Saturday night, and slept in a bit on Sunday morning. On the way to church, we stopped by the Stable with my family (Pete's family saw it on Saturday), and Dad got a feel for what he'll need to set up the sound system. THAT is one thing I am glad I don't have to worry about!

We all went to church together (both families) on Sunday, and out to dinner afterward. My dad and Pete's dad were trading puns, Mom and Mum were talking about their kids (do you think Pete and I will ever stop being children to them?), Jonathan was clinging to me, and Mary Jo was clinging to Pete. *wry grin* So many changes for us...

I spent all of yesterday in bed because I woke up feeling I'd been hit by a bus, and today, I have LOTS of work to get started on, getting the office ready for Jim and Darren to survive in while I'm gone on my honeymoon!

That is the rather random summary of my weekend experiences.


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