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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Yeah, I know. Who wants contact with the outside world when they're on their honeymoon?

I'm not like most people, I guess. *wry grin*

The wedding (which was three days ago now) was beautiful. It was all in candlelight and absolutely lovely, and we were surrounded by the people we love. The song I wrote for Pete went off perfectly--he was completely stunned. He had no idea I would be doing that! Here are the words of the song that I gave him:

I will share the dawn with you, these first new rays of light.
I will smile and laugh with you on days that aren't so bright.
I want to bring you all the joy I know every day I live
I give my life to you in Him, and we'll be always His.

I will share the moon with you, singing even in the dark.
I will place my hand in yours when the frost has etched its mark.
I want to give you all the love I own every day I live,
I give my life to you in Him, and we'll be always His.

I will hope in Him with you, walk together as His friend.
I'll walk as a stranger too, living for our journey's end.
I want to dream with you of His return every day we live.
I give my life to Him with you, and we'll be always His.

And by God's grace, I give myself to you,
For all my days, I will walk with you.
I'll be your helper, your friend,
With Jesus as my aim and as our end...

I will go with you wherever God may lead
I will walk with you as He provides our needs.
And through the sunrise or the shadows,
When He drives us to our knees.
I will pray with you that we will be, always His.

Many, MANY thanks to Kirsten Winston for bearing with me to make that a surprise!

The reception was the most fun party I think I've ever been to! We tried to get in touch with everybody there, and we know we missed some of you, but we so enjoyed seeing you and knowing that you were a part of it! We had so much more that we would have loved to do with you all!

Pete and I are both still getting used to this. We feel almost like we're playing grown-up. He told me yesterday that he's still adjusting to wearing his ring, and I keep feeling this insane need to flash mine around, as if the whole world wants to know that it's new, and it wasn't there before!

I've been a wife for three days now, and I am stunned to realize that I am still me. Sure, my last name has changed, but I still dream dreams and love beauty and have a passion for life. I still have the same friends (and even some new ones!), and Pete is still with me. Only, he won't have to leave again! That thought blows me away.

I feel so at peace right now. The world is, quite literally here in the mountains, at my feet, and there are so many wonderful new possibilities, so many places God could take us, so much that He will still do in our lives. I was so amazed yesterday to find that He is still calling to my spirit and telling me that He will teach me the fear of the Lord.

So we take it a day at a time, finding forever in each moment, and wondering what time will bring as we continue down this path. Pete is as familiar to me as if I'd known him all my life, and as new to me as if I just met him this morning. He thinks I'm beautiful, and I'm discovering a passion for life in him that I always knew was there, but hadn't quite been able to touch.

I think I have digressed into gushing, so I'll spare the world. There will be more posts later, I'm sure. I've got my camera here, and there are wedding photos to show off!

I've got a heart that's full of dreams, and a little bit of crazy.
I can feel it pulling me to somewhere I have never been...
I feel my heart moving on, I must go and follow love,
Carry on while I'm gone--this is what I've been dreaming of...


Leeann said...

I would not have even thought to check your blog if you hadn't posted on mine!! Wow... can I just make the general announcement that if I ever get married, chances are, I won't be posting for at least a week... :-P
Have a wonderful time in Colorado, you two!! COME VISIT when you come home!!

Mark and Erin said...

He heee....Amen sister! I didn't have any contact with the outside world on our honeymoon, except for grocery shopping...The cell phone didn't even work at our cabin. :-) Kelly, you are a nut! But I love you dearly and am so happy for you and Pete. :-)

Thy sis said...

Yeah, I'd say you're not like most people.

But glad to hear you're still alive, anyhow. :D

Christy said...

I miss you, Kell! I keep having these urges to e-mail you, but then I remember you're not checking. Well, at least I thought you weren't checking. ;-) Have a wonderful honeymoon!

Anonymous said...

Kel-Kel, I like this post, but yeah, as Kerynne said, you aren't like most people. Have a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Littlest sis and sis-in-law(Finally)

Derby said...

Congratulations, Kelly and Pete!

Undeserving said...

Leave it to our dear Kelly to think of updating for us... knowing we are all wondering about and missing her! :-)

I love you Kel. You will be back in the real world soon enough... enjoy the time away... and enjoy this time of solidarity with the gift God has given you.

nic said...

Hooray! You're finally married! Glad you are having an amazing time...and can't wait to see you - you're wedding was GORGEOUS, you planned everything perfectly! We love you guys!

Will Estrada said...

Awwww, you two are just so cute! I love you both!!! And the wedding was soooo lovely. :-) ~ Will

Somebody_Unknown_and_co said...

Hey, Hey, Kel-Kel. I thought you might want Kerynne's and my me...

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