Three Days

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Well, I tried to do something original and profound, but couldn't find a poem that fit what I'm feeling, and really couldn't write one through the brain fog. *sigh* Why is it that I can feel, but can't do a thing about expressing it sometimes? There really is a difference between heart and mind and soul.

All that to say, it is now three days until my wedding. I suppose people probably wonder why in the world I'm still blogging. Answer: I need to take a few minutes during the day to try to express myself so that it doesn't all get bottled up and then I have to become Bridezilla.


Ask the printer.

We finished the programs last night at about midnight. I hope we have enough. The printer wasted enough paper as I was printing them. So instead of doing what normal people do and taking wedding stress out on people, I yelled (rather loudly) at the printer. Leave it to technology to break my tenuous hold on sanity.

But the programs are finished, and outside of a couple errands, I think Pete and I are taking tonight OFF from wedding plans. He doesn't know this yet. But we are taking the night off.

Today, I don't have a favorite movie character. Unless we count Sleepy in Snow White and the Severed--er, Seven Dwarves.

I am very thankful today for Pete, and for all the little things that he does for me--getting me water at work, coming into my office to remind me he loves me, making my bed when he comes and picks me up in the mornings, and making my breakfast nearly every morning. I can't believe that in three days we won't have to say goodbye in the evenings.

Things are falling into place for our wedding theme of seeking a home in heaven and living in Christ, and it's actually quite interesting to see the way God is shaping it! It will be neat to see what happens at the wedding, because for all the planning and work we've done on it, I still can't quite see it happening. It will be kind of a surprise!

That's probably enough for now... I have a few things left at work to do!


Anonymous said...

I have...called a hand or finger stupid. I've also yelled at WALLS.

Kelly Sauer said...

Hey, Kerynne... I took your comment down b/c I don't want somebody to take it wrong. Yeah, so I seriously was MAD at the printer!

Thy sis said...

I don't even remember what I said...

Anonymous said...

Kell, the weddin' countdown on your weding blog is STILL off.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait!!! I get to see y'all tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

So...the real question is...did the printer yell back? :-P I'll be praying for you 'n Pete--and your printer. :~)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I yelled back! She has THE highest voice when she screeches!
~the printer~

Leeann said...

Not that you have a ton of time today, but I thought you might be interested in my post last night...

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