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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Today, a selection of randomness, just because I haven't posted in a while:

It has rained off and on here in Northern VA for the last two days.

I heard yesterday that my blog is really sappy.

I have also heard recently that some people really enjoy reading my blog. Which is kind of nice, because it makes me feel loved to know that others like to read my writing.

Pete and I are going to Connecticut for Thanksgiving, and we get to take our friend and coworker, Katie, with us. Yay, Katie! And then on Friday morning, it looks as though I'm going to be subjected to my first morning-after-Thanksgiving shopping experience ever. Pray for me. *grin*

The Free Indeed Christmas Concert is scheduled to be held on Friday, December 2 at 7:30pm at the Town Hall at PHC. Look at these guys--aren't they so cute? (I am SO dead for that one...) You really should come out and support them!

I have some of the coolest, bravest friends ever! Even though we all hurt one another sometimes, I have seen Him work miracles out of things that we all felt were just hopeless. Here's to another couple of miracles!

Tonight, Gabe is coming over for food and we will sing, and watch Intolerable Cruelty. It is a very random movie.

My parents are planning to be in their new house by the 15th. Pray that this dream will come true for my mom. All she wants for Christmas is her new house...

Happy Thanksgiving to all you people, I hope you enjoy it and eat well.

Happy Birthday to my new sister, Mary Jo!

Happy Easter six months early.


I'm terrible with dates.

Well, not dates with Pete. We have fun on those. But anyway, slipping into that sappy mode again...

If you have made it to the end of this post, please post a comment. You'll get a Christmas card or something. I have a few corny wedding gifts...

Speaking of which... has anybody heard of a Lyda Holstein or a Melba Mauldin?

My favorite Christmas carol is... I forget. I like a LOT of them, and I don't feel like choosing right now!

Toodles, pip-pip, cheerio, and all that bally-hoo, for I'm off to see the wizard!

Or something...


Anonymous said...

Spot-on, old bean! Most excellent post and all that. Warms the ol' heart right up with thoughts of pumpkin pies, turkeys, cranberry sauce, mashed trunips, crisp apple... crisp. Arbor Day with all the trimmings! Battle of Naseby. 1645. Spot off. Good show. Right right. Wink wink and nudge nudge.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: has anybody told you that you are hilarious lately?

A certain Blogger: no?

A certain Blogger: *innocent look*

Anonymous: let me break that undeserved silence

Anonymous: you are really hilarious

A certain Blogger: oh

A certain Blogger: what makes you say that?

Anonymous: the fact that I'm laughing?

A certain Blogger: *grin*

A certain Blogger: WHY are you laughing?

Anonymous: because you are hilarious

Anonymous: Ladies and gentlemen, please meditate well on this last example of circular reasoning. This demonstration should conclusively show that there is at least one good use, even if it is a logical fallacy.

A certain Blogger: THAT, [name deleted to protect privacy], is circular reasoning

Anonymous: Ha! I beat you.

A certain Blogger: Dang

A certain Blogger: so serioulsy

A certain Blogger: :-P

A certain Blogger: why am I hilarious?

A certain Blogger: If you CAN be serious about that

Anonymous: can one define humor? Why do things make me laugh? I don't know

Anonymous: You are hilarious because I have decreed it.

Anonymous: And, as a tyrant, I need no reasons for my decrees.

A certain Blogger: okay.

A certain Blogger: *dry look*

*Muffled applause*

Leeann said...

Um. Little early for the egg nog, isn't it, dearest?
Have a very merry Thanksigiving in New England. I'm leaving on my jet plane midday tomorrow and just starting to get really excited about it!
And just for the record... I'm so glad that you're still you :)

Kelly Sauer said...

Gabe, I'm not speaking to you.

Kelly Sauer said...

*checks self* Wow. I AM! Thanks for letting me know, Leeann!!! I keep forgetting that somehow... *wry grin*

*stops and thinks*

So. Um... am I like that ALL the time?

Anonymous said...

As the self-appointed HIPAA hippo, I will consider bringing suit at a later date.

Kelly Sauer said...

WHAT the HECK????

Anonymous said...

Didn't YOU always dream of being a HIPAA hippo? I know it only applies to medical records, but (1) you are messing with my mind, which will probably be added to my psych records eventually, and (2) "HIPAA hippo" just sounds cool.

heidi said...

Wow, Kell...this IS hilarious. I agree with "Anonymous." You made me grin. Thanks. *grin*

(What do I get for posting a comment again??)

Megs said...

*laughs* I love the post Kel! Hopefully I'll see you on SATURDAY!!!!!!!!! YEEHAW!

Somebody_Unknown_and_co said...

ello. so, I don't need to comment. You get me somthing anyways...but, Love ya Kell! Say "hey" to Meg for me!

nic said...

Hey - this was a fun post. I like hearing random thoughts. By the way, I love the movie Intolerable Cruelty! It cracks me up. Have a good evening! Oh--and send me a Christmas card. ;-)

Kate said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Kelly and Pete! Oh! Speaking of Christmas cards, I don't have y'all's mailing address and would like it. :-)

Jessica said...

It's sappy in a good way!! I love you and you are adorable!!

Anonymous said...

To quote a random addage, "The strueddell never made it to the mountain-top." Tip top and all that. A most randomly assembled blog (they ARE cute by the way) is always the most entertaining kind. One should, never allow for any kind of unrandomness unless it is utterly unavoidable. I'll be needing that address as well if I'm to grace your mailbox with cards, etc.

Tootlepip 'n ta-ta

andie said...

I think you've been hanging out with your husband too much :-P hehe

oh, btw, what in THE world?! CUTE?!?! GAH!

yeah, you're gonna pay for that...somehow...and why didn't you tell me that I was angled the wrong way? *confused at self...*

gem said...

I think alot of people want Christmas cards from you, Kel!!!

HisDelightIsInMe said...

LOL!!! Having been shopping with you, dearest, I have no fears for your safety on this fine after Thanksgiving shopping day - You can hold your own :-D

mom said...

to my dear sweet kelly anne,
i do want all my family to be happy and healthy and very much in love with the lord just for christmas also. we love you
both love mom and dad

Anonymous said...

oh... and we can't forget "Wot! Wot! and Cheerio, old[or not so old] chap!"

Kelly Sauer said...


First, Anonymous commenters will not be receiving Christmas cards, as I do not know who they are...

Second, if those of you who requested my address would send me your email addresses, I shall provide you with said address, again ignoring the anonymous request. :-D

Oh, and Merry Christmas now... :-D

A Scottish Whisper said...

I say. I mean I really say. Anonymous? No address? Does that mean that for all the anonymice out there that y'all don't have an address at all? Dash it all but I thought at least I made it fairly obvious as to my person, albeit implicitly (They're still cute, btw). Ah, well. If'n such be's the case, I'll leave my proper handle by this post. Tootlepip 'n ta-ta.

Kelly Sauer said...


THANK YOU, Joseph... :-P

William Estrada said... has been said that people who get married start to rub off on each other. That was a very Pete-ish post. Except, it wasn't. It was a Kelly-ish post. It was like a Kelly-ish married to a Pete-ish post. It was great. :-)

M.R.H. said...

Personally I think the cutest Free Indeed person is not in that picture right now... but please don't tell her that I called her "cute" ;-)

Gem said...

Hey Kel, what exactly is a Lyda Holstein and a Melba Mauldin??

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