Friday, November 18, 2005

Dreams die hard,
and so they should.
But not the dreamer.
Dreams are the stuff that living is made of,
and what keeps us reaching and growing - and glowing.
Dreams are that part of us that hitches to a star
And sprinkles whatever darkness may be with hope.
Dreams are at once fragile and resilient,
fleeting and persistent,
comforting and disturbing,
magnificent and absurd,
possible and impossible.
They must not be held too tightly,
for they need room to breathe.
They must not be held too loosely,
for they need the nourishment of loving attention.
Yet not all dreams were meant to be.
Some serve a higher purpose in dying.
And as with any death,
The survivor often loses heart.
But the dreamer must not die with the dream.
The grieving must become the altar
upon to which offer the loss
and ask for grace to dream again.
And when the grieving has done its purifying work
the dreamer will emerge to find
that the death of one dream gives birth to another.
And perhaps in every way more usable in the kingdom.
Yes, dreams die hard,
and they should.
But not the dreamer.
For when God possesses the dreamer,
He will mold the dream,
and it will be right.

~ Verdell Davis ~


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