To See These Days Renewed

Friday, November 4, 2005

Lately, God has been reminding me that He is good. While I was pondering this the other day, I was surprised to realize as Pete and I were driving, that I have changed quite a bit since knowing him.

Here are a few new favorites:

Braveheart--"For Love of a Princess"
The Cider House Rules
The Notebook
Simon Birch
Meet Joe Black
Phantom of the Opera

Andrew Peterson -- Love and Thunder
Nichole Nordeman -- Woven in Time
Jeremy Camp -- Restored
Sixpence None-the-Richer -- "Kiss Me"
Rascal Flatts -- "The Day Before You," and "Bless the Broken Road"
Riltons Vanner -- "Kompis"

Phantom of the Opera
Lord of the Rings (in a whole new way!)
Simon Birch
The Last Samurai

Since knowing Pete, I have:

*Seen New York City on foot
*Visited a show on Broadway
*Ridden on a train
*Discovered that spontaneity is a beautiful thing when someone else thinks your ideas are good too and actually follows through on them
*Learned to appreciate corny humor
*Gotten in a snowball fight with the man I love (a lifelong dream)
*Written a song (another lifelong dream)
*Co-taught a Sunday School class
*Found that I can actually *enjoy* doing nothing
*Survived a wedding
*Re-learned how to cook
*Learned to loved people I didn't know (in-laws are so good for that!)
*Stopped condemning others first and regretting it later
*Been to New England
*Lain under the stars with a man who is just as awed by them as I always have been
*Learned to laugh at bad poetry
*Found that triteness does not exist when you love someone
*Taken more drives than I can count
*Listened to someone else's dreams
*Been more shy than I have ever been, and more brave than I have ever been
*Kissed someone on the lips (is it okay that that *still* weirds me out that I can do that?)
*Grown to believe that Pete must be the most wonderful man in the whole world, and finding that he is truly worthy of not only my respect, but the respect of the men who know him and respect him.
*Felt what it is like to have someone need me
*Known love from a human being as I have never known before
*Learned more about the God I thought I knew from a man knows Him differently

Knowing Pete has also restored to me many things that I thought I had lost:

*My love of photography
*My dreams of making a vocal album
*The hope that I truly could be loved for who I am (warts not withstanding... oh wait...)
*My deep desire to see Colorado again (I nearly cried when I saw the mountains)
*Noticing the little things again--the crinkles around Pete's eyes when he laughs, the tiny blue flowers in the grass, the simplicity of a fallen aspen leaf, the safety in being held
*My desire for the Lord--after the hospital, I knew He wanted me, but I was merely functioning out of obligation. Pete's desire for Him carried me so that now my days feel renewed again with an awakening desire for the God who stole my heart
*My mythic character, Arwen (did you know Pete is an Aragorn?)
*My love for learning
*My desire for integrity in everything I do


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Kelly, for sharing what you shared in this post. Sometimes I feel very, very lonely and left out in my world, and reading your beautiful heart gives me the courage to keep trust that God is good. You are His.

Megsie said...

Aw!! Again, I really like the post Kel! Yay for Rascal Flatts!!!! ;-P

Anonymous said...

i am curious....did you kiss your man before the wedding?

Kelly Sauer said...

anonymous, yes, I did. We did, however, stop kissing the month before the wedding. :-)

Anonymous said...

we did that too... it made the wedding kiss that much more exciting. but i'm glad it wasn't our first kiss ever - that moment would be WAY too personal to share with a room full of people :-)

Kelly Sauer said...

LOL--well, yeah, it was for us, but that was more because I was as stiff as a board--Pete felt like he was kissing a wall! All I could think about was that this was my first kiss!

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