Our First Christmas Tree

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I had to post a picture of it anyway. Meet Bert. Our Christmas tree.

Shorter than most I have gotten over the years, but according to Pete, the perfect size. We like Bert. He gives us warm fuzzies. Even though he makes me sneeze.

I would show a picture of Pete and me with Bert, but I haven't figured out the timer function on my camera yet. And I lost the manual.

Oh well. Tonight, I think we're doing more baking. And maybe wrapping presents. And maybe watching a WWII movie.

I got my first Christmas present for Pete today.

That's all. I hope you all like Bert! Joseph, you could post a *picture* of a tree, instead of motivating yourself to decorate... :-P


Leeann said...

I dunno, Kell, seems that posting a picture of ones Christmas tree is getting you awfully far away from being the humbug you proclaim to be in the post below...

Kelly Sauer said...

Hey. Allow a girl a little bit of sarcasm once in a while... :-P

A Scottish Whisper said...

Sarcasm is allowed, and in some people's cases, even to be encouraged (schnerk, schnerk, schnerk). Your picture looks good, but I like mine better...;-)

Megsie said...

Bert?! Did Pete name it? Anyway, I like the tree. It's very pretty!

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