Wednesday, January 25, 2006

WANTED: People who want to have their pictures taken for an extremely affordable price. Especially looking for babies, families, and singles. (Actually meaning, I'll take anyone. I'm expanding my portfolio as I look toward getting my photography studio off the ground.).

Babies and young children are FREE
Families are $15.00
Singles/students are $10.00

There is no sitting fee.

I will provide you with either a CD (or an email) containing at least 20 retouched images to use as you like, so long as you identify the photographer.

I am also willing to do engagement pictures and/or weddings, if you're in the market.

Engagement: $35.00
Wedding: $550.00 (photojournalistic coverage from the rehearsal to the reception and hundreds of retouched images)

Curious about my work?

Check it out at

Email me if you're interested, and I'll schedule you in!


eeyore said...

once again, if you feel up for action shots, I'd REALLY love a session of me skating. up for it? :P

Kelly Sauer said...

Like I said. Email me. :-)

Mark and Erin said...

Well, you can do our baby once it's born. :-) And if you are every down here again, I think it would be fun to get some pictures of Mark and I around the Regent campus. The bldgs. are so pretty. :-)

Anne said...

I keep meaning to email you, but we've been out of town a lot... We want to you take pics of Erin when you get a chance! She'll be 1y/o in March and I've only had one portrait set done - I'm a bad mom ;-) Anyhow, let me know when we can get together!

Megs said...

FOUND: A girl who wants pictures taken at her wedding by Kassie's Pictures.
Date: in about 10 years or so. ;)

Leeann said...

We'll have to chat sometime -- I was even thinking it would be a blast to do a session with my roomies while I know I have them both... but we haven't even done the one you wanted to do of me, like, three years ago, so yeah, when you're not taking pictures and I'm not writing, we'll talk :-P

Georgia said...

Do you use digital or 35mm, just out of curiosity?
I really love your work....How long have you been doing weddings and such? I am just curious because this is what I really want to do, so I like talking to people who are actually doing it :-)
Oh, and I forgot to say, I am a friend of your sister, Kerynne....That's how I know who you :-)

Kelly Sauer said...


I am just starting, and probably about where you are. One of my girlfriends asked me to photograph her wedding, and that was when I found out that I could do it. I use a digital Nikon D70 right now, and that has been enough of a challenge that I haven't wanted to get into film and apertures yet. I do have an F65 that is 35mm that I love, but it's been on loan for a while. Drop me an email--the address is on my website!

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