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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

So, I FINALLY get to share a secret about my freshman roomie and coolest gal ever--IZZY! Or rather... Erin-used-to-be-Isbell-now-Leichliter.

My red-headed former roomie is going to have a baby!

See her blog for more details!


Mark and Erin said...

LOL.... :-) It was good to see you and Pete the other night!

A Scottish Whisper said...

This is getting really scary with good friends getting married and expecting babies. Well, scary in an awesomely cool way. ;-)

Kelly Sauer said...

Don't worry Joseph. You aren't THAT far behind...

A Scottish Whisper said...

well, uh, how do I come up with a comeback to that? ;-)

Kelly said...


What was it about the cane-wielding that had you all so scared in FI?

A Scottish Whisper said...


Cane-wielding? scared? We were the few, the proud, the drop-dead funny in FI...Personally, I don't remember being afraid of any cane-weilding.

Kelly Sauer said...


Word from on high, a.k.a. She who wields The Stick

Permission has been granted unto those traveling to bring such clothes and cloths and clothings as would make the return voyage a more pleasurable one and more comfortable--In short--we may bring a change of clothes for the trip back. I am planning on doing so and at thebehest of the great SWWTH I have passed on this information to you so that [in
her most esteemed words] "I might not be lynched." Please (at my
behest) purge any such thoughts of dangling the humble scribe, the
unfortunate jester, the falsetto accompli,--in a word--Jomoe from any height at any time in any manner.

May you be blest to be a blessing,
The ineffable Joseph Moss

A Scottish Whisper said...

WOW! When did I do that? I rescind my former remarks regarding not trembling in my shoes at the mention of the great SWWTS. I'm trying to remember--which trip was that? It must have been before I got my gmail or else I would have a copy of it. Those were some cool times...*enters into reverie* I MISS Y'ALL!

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