Monday, January 23, 2006

My wonderful hubby did me a special favor today, and took me out to pick up lunch at Magnolia's. Tomato soup to go, but boy did it hit the spot!

I don't deserve him.

Believe me. You don't know the half...


thy sis said...

oh...yeah...I remember that tomato soup. Sounds good. =)

You're right, Kell...you don't deserve him. =D

Leeann said...

We don’t deserve God’s grace either, but if He has given us Christ, how will our good Father not with Him give us all good things? Pete is a gift, and deserving has nothing to do with gifts. They are done out of the Giver’s generosity, not by the level of a persons’ deserving or undeserving. Praise Him for giving us exactly what we need!

A Scottish Whisper said...

Just from my limited observations, I'd say the blessings are mutual--yah both done good! :-D

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