Year of the Babies

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It's weird to be married, and to have people my age all around me getting married.

What's getting me, however, is not so much the marriage as the babies. And it's not just the newlyweds. While Pete and I are not expecting as yet (and do not plan to be for a good year at *least*), I've been amazed at the number of couples who have found themselves expecting recently.

Jenna used-to-be-Lisk-now-Main
Joanna used-to-be-Sleezer-now-Main
Kerin used-to-be-Bloom-now-Beale
Becca used-to-be-Parker-now-Ryun
Darren and Sara Jones
Ian and Allison Slatter
Bill and Marcy Bloom

Then you have the couples who recently (within the last six months or so) popped a kid:

David and Joli Chism
Kent and Laura Boyle
TJ and Susan Schmidt
Steven and Sarah Shipp

Yeesh. And these are only the ones I KNOW! HSLDA has enough to have a collective baby shower!

I can't help congratulating the expectant/happy couples, but it does have me a bit scared. Vanessa, Sarah Mehrens, and I seem to be the hold-outs of the married women around here...


A Scottish Whisper said...

What a blessing to be surrounded by so many blessings! :-)

Mark and Erin said...

This means you'll have lots of people that you can go to, when you are in the same boat. :-) Advice, encouragement, etc. ('s exciting to hear about Ian and Allison. My former "house-parents" are going to have children of their own!!! Yay!)

Christy said...

Can I add myself to the list of married holdouts?? 0:-)

Leeann said...

Oh, Kell, didn't I tell you?? I'm expecting... my paperwhites to bloom any day now :-P
Sort of a black-and-white difference between HSLDA and the Hill (go figure) -- I realized not too long ago I don't think I've seen a pregnant woman on the Hill who was not a lobbyist in my entire year here. Different priorities, different lifestyle, and WAY different work schedule... I sure miss being around little ones, though. Not that I have the energy to babysit when I get off work at 7.
But don't be too ready to move into yet another category. Gotta leave some time for the rest of us to catch up!!

Kelly Sauer said...

Thank you, Mr. Ever-Chipper-Joseph; Of course, Tee; and YES, Leeann, we are NOT anxious here... :-P

nic said...

I'm shocked that we childless newlyweds are the minorities-although I am very content in my present state. ;-)

A Scottish Whisper said...

As the Lord wills y'all, as the Lord wills...

Megs said...

I feel like being random so...there is a family in our church that just had their 11th child!!!!

Kelly Sauer said...


Becca and Ned just had their baby--a boy!

And Nathan and Audra Richmond are pregnant too!

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