Monday, February 6, 2006

by Jackie Drasey

Hold me not
for I am free
as wild as wind
and boundless as the skies,
higher than the mountains
deeper than the ocean,
seek me all you will

hold me not for I am free
clasp me in your hand,
place me in your mind
a shadow I will be,
grasped and captured by you all

but I am never there.

I Am Not Here
by Mary Renaud

Wherever I am, I am not here.
There is no truth in my presence,
No life in my words.
I am simply acting out what someone like me might;
And barely even that.
I don't hear the sounds around me.
I don't see the things at which I am staring.
I am looking out the window at the drops falling in
the puddle
And wondering if it's going to rain today.


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