He'd be as happy...

Monday, February 13, 2006

Sometimes, I wonder if this is how Pete feels about me...

When he was seeing her
You could see he had his doubts
And now he's missing her
Because he knows he's missing out
Now it is haunting him
The memory's like a ghost
He's so terrified
'Cause no one else even comes close

He's a guy that you should feel sorry for
He had the world but he thought that he wanted more
I owe it all to the mistake he made back then
I owe it all to my girl's ex-boyfriend

If it wasn't for him
I would still be searching
If it wasn't for him
I wouldn't know my best friend
If it wasn't for him
He would be able to see
That if it wasn't for him
He'd be as happy as me

~Relient K


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