Nanny McPhee

Monday, February 6, 2006

Based on some previews I had seen, I had wanted to see Nanny McPhee for a while (something about the large numbers of children getting into trouble...), but I was delightfully surprised to find last night when I actually watched it that it had some wonderful themes that the previews hadn't covered.

The story of seven children and a frazzled father who would do almost anything to keep the family together is a classic nanny story in the genre of Mary Poppins. Nanny McPhee, however, added a few surprises with the addition of a lovely scullery maid, a wanna-be stepmother, a nanny with only five lessons, and children who analyzed fairy tales.

Emma Thompson's screenwriting abilities shone in this film. Instead of following the norm for so-called "family movies" in which the screenwriters complicate the plot with very adult themes, the Nanny McPhee story is very simple, yet colorful and exciting, drawing even adults into the children's world to recreate the wonder of fairy tales that do come true.

Now, I'm a girl. And I know I'm a girl. I'm an emotional girl too. Which means that not everyone would cry on the parts of the movie that moved me to tears. I really enjoyed it on nearly every level (the frog in the teapot made me jump), and when Pete and I left the theater, I couldn't wipe the grin off my face.

I probably wouldn't recommend this movie to any very butch guys, or probably to any guys at all, but girls, if you like fairy tales and happy endings, this one had an awesome happy ending and an exciting (but not too frightening) trip to get there.

So there is my not-so-coherent-very-impressed-somewhat-teary-still review of Nanny McPhee. I really, really liked it.


Kate said...

Another classic nanny story would be Sound of Music. :-) Glad you enjoyed the movie so much!--you know, I hadn't even heard of it.

A Scottish Whisper said...

What is it with a certain someone always commenting first, I wonder? Sounds like an interesting movie Kelly, I may very well have to check it out. Now I'm a guy. And I know that I'm a guy. I'm an understanding and sympathet sort of guy, even though I'm not that emotional. Which means I probably won't cry at all, but I still like good stories, so thanks for the awesome review! :-)

Kelly Sauer said...

*grin* Not a problem. Thanks for the awesome review of the review! I hope you enjoy the movie!

Megs said...

I just saw it this past weekend. I loved it, except the awful wardrobe of the woman who the father was gonna marry. Gross.
Anyway, yes it was a very enjoyable movie. It also helped that Colin Firth was in it...*wink*

Kelly Sauer said...

ooh! You like Colin Firth too, Megs??? :-P

Megs said...

How could I not?!!? *wink*

Whitney said...

Kelly, thanks for the note. We already found a photographer, but if it wasn't for the distance, I probably would have asked you. :-)

Hope you have a good week!

Kelly Sauer said...

*grin* No prob--just thought I'd offer in case you didn't have one! :-)

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