Valentine's Day

Thursday, February 9, 2006

Is coming...

Forgive my indulgence to the sappiness. I like the red.

And I have red roses in my office. My last pre-Valentine roses from my sentimental, wonderful husband, who knows just how to brighten my bad days.

FYI, girls, I'm keeping him.


Megs said...

I like sappiness. ;)
Are you sure you wanna keep him??? ;-D
I like the new colors ect...

Kate said...

The new look is stunning! :-)

Kelly Sauer said...

*grin* So glad you like it! how are you, btw, Kit?

A Scottish Whisper said...

By golly you better keep him! Just imagine where the rest of the world would be ifn' you didn't! Ok, don't imagine that...but seriously, y'all are totally awesome and obviously made for each other--the roses being an example in point. ;-)

Nice look, which is not sappy, but fitting. :-D

Marian said...

Hey dear,

I consistently keep an eye on your blog(s), but still can't seem to get the correct version of your cell phone # so I can successfully call you! *grin* Do send it over, pretty please?

Miss you tons, and think of you so often. I'll be out there the weekend of April 1st - maybe we can do lunch or something at least?

~ M

thy sis said...

You can HAVE him!!!

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