Saturday, March 4, 2006

Yeah, so I've been really bad about posting this week. Between work and editing the pictures from the Nelson wedding, I've not even wanted to *look* at a computer screen after I get done. Today, however, I talked my husband into coming into the office to do his studying, so I have a little bit of free time to catch up on things like blogging and emails. :-P

So here are a few of my random thoughts for the week.

*I decided I could do a LOT more with my photography website, so I redid it. The homepage for the site is now at Do check it out and let me know what you think.

*I just got to talk on AIM for the first time in MONTHS with my friend Leeann Walker.

*My husband, Pete, is like, the best thing that ever happened to me and then some. For a long time, I thought I wanted one thing, but now, I can't imagine wanting anything or anybody else. He loves me, and though he is currently being "bratty" over AIM to me, I just... Sheesh, how do you describe it when you know somebody loves you no matter what? How do you explain how that feels?

*I still have a fun secret. And it's currently giving me warm fuzzies to think about... And no, I am not pregnant. It happens on a Tuesday. *giggle*

*Pete has the coolest eyes ever. Especially when he's picking on me. They absolutely dance with fun.

*I'm having a bad hairday.

*I like dark chocolate. AND, my doctor said I could eat it. And he's a NATURAL doctor. Weird, huh? *grin* VERY.

*I need to change out the photos in my frame on my desk.

*Oh! My birthday is coming! I forget about that every year! But Pete remembers, and he's planning something for me, and I'm kind of excited, cause I've never had a guy plan something special for my birthday before. I mean, there was my dad and the trick candles the year I was GOING to blow them all out; they kept re-lighting. I was not extremely impressed, actually. I think I cried.

*I could use some suggestions on good books to read. I'm fresh out, and Pete keeps going to sleep before me at night, so I have to read myself to sleep.

*My friend Angel visited me this week! She was in VA while her husband Dan took the bar, and she stopped by to meet Pete and say hi! I felt really special that she would come and see me! She's so cool! She says I'm supposed to email her.

*Andie, for some reason, I can't drop the idea I'm suppose to post that I'm praying for you here. Hope you're doin' okay. :-)

*One of my favorite bloggers is giving up blogging for Lent. I am bummed, and not very much into the idea of Lent. Maybe I should be?

Okay, I guess that's enough of this stream-of-consciousness thing for now. I'll prolly try to post a more coherent post next week. I'd like to post some excerpts from an email from a friend.

Now, to fix my blog template... :-D


My Fathers' Daughter said...


thank you bunches . . .

Kate said...

Did someone say "books"? :-) I'd be happy to share my ever-growing "to read" list or my "personal favorites" list. :-p

Leeann said...

btw, I love the new template, and glad to be a part of your "recovering" weekend...

Kelly Sauer said...

Would love the book ideas; thanks for the comment about the template!

eeyore said...

speaking of not sitting and work on the computer for a long while, :)
I'm just now reading thru, getting up to speed on different people's blogs. I had set aside this weekend for housework and taxes. So, naturally, I'm just sitting here reading thru other people's lives :D

Kelly, I just want to say (if I haven't already before), that I'm really REALLY happy for you and Pete. When I read how you talk about your love for Pete, I know EXACTLY, to the finest detail, how you feel. I've felt the same; and it is so hard to describe. You are beyond blessed to be lucky enough to have him feel the same about you in return. (I'm green :P ;) jk). God bless you, both.

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