Rain In Spring

Sunday, April 9, 2006

It is raining outside today. Our first April shower. You can see the world opening its arms to receive it, as the grass grows greener and the first spring leaves begin to peek from their buds and shed their protective covering. It’s not a harsh, stormy rain, but a gentle drizzle that cloaks the world in its comforting, romantic shadow.

Sometimes, spring can be such a capricious child. She hops back and forth from cold to warm, bringing sunshine and wind or wind to keep you guessing. She takes your kites high above the earth and makes you dare to wander outside without your jacket.

But in the soft warm rain of today, she is a child who knows what it is to be wounded. A child, perhaps grown a bit into womanhood, she doesn’t call you to adventure. Instead, she whispers a quiet allure to hope. “I am here, can you see the life I bring?”

Love is like the spring, sometimes clear and full-blown, inviting risk and excitement, and sometimes misty and teary-eyed, yet bringing life and renewal. I remember a love that exploded like the first new crush of spring, but time and tears have worn away the innocence, and the love I now own—and receive—carries the misty romance of the rain that washes the dust from the world and reminds me there is life.

In a way, it is more beautiful, more inviting, than the exciting spring-child that blows you anywhere you want to go. For now I am called to tears, and to heartache, and to healing and joy that comes from outside myself. The risks I am to take bring a bit of wet discomfort for all of the beauty to burst forth.

Sometimes too, I am drawn to God’s love as if it were the spring-child, longing for that excitement of my youthful crush on Christ. In the warmth of the rain I find that He has not moved, and He is as faithful as ever to renew my hope. Even now, He nourishes me and draws me nearer to Him, more deeply than before.

I suppose I have my own ideas about how life and hope and love should work, but sometimes I am reminded that I am not God, and that He knows what is best. There is nothing that is outside of His control. Perhaps the regrets I feel for what is past are misplaced. I am only human, and He is still molding me into something beautiful. Even the rain brings life and romance and passion.


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