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Sunday, April 9, 2006

Popping on for a short post on a Sunday evening. Hope ya'll are doing well! I promise we get Internet at home soon!

(Wow, did I just say "ya'll?" EEGHH...)

Anyhoo, couldn't resist sharing my most recent engagement shoot! I'll be doing my first real Russian wedding for this fun couple when I photograph them in Philadelphia in June!

Click HERE to see their slideshow!


Christy said...

Another beautifully done engagement shoot! :-) I like!

Megs said...

Wow!! I love the pictures Kelly!
Um, I think you spelled "y'all" wrong...I think it's "Y'all" not "Ya'll"...maybe it's just a matter of opinion...

Kate said...

Are they friends of yours? Second what Megs says, btw. :-)

Kelly Sauer said...

No, they're friends of a friend of a friend. *grin*

And for kit and megs: I did spell "ya'll" correctly. I was not saying "you all", but "ya all." My apostrophe replaced the "a" on "all."


Leeann said...

*mutters something about other people using Union Station and the Capitol for their shoots...* :-P
We need to catch up sometime, girl!

Megs said...

Okay Kel. Whatever. I surrender.


Kelly Sauer said...


You go, Megs!

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