Sitting at the Reception Desk

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

I am sitting at the Reception Desk this morning while all of HSLDA (or at least most of HSLDA) is in the other room praying. The phone, which sometimes rings off the hook, is strangely silent, and I am alone with my thoughts.

Granted, my thoughts are not extremely profound, or even awake.

1.) Swallowing the berry seeds in my smoothie is worse than swallowing pills.
2.) When I grow up, I want to be...
3.) Oh yeah, I should send that email I've been meaning to send with my available weekends so I can kiss my rest time goodbye.
4.) I wonder if the friend I emailed yesterday will write me back?
5.) Is my brother mad at me because I talk too much?
6.) These Lorna Doone cookies are really addicting, and you really need a drink of something with them.
7.) I can't wait to get to my own office and make myself a cup of tea. That's so humanizing, you know?
8.) I should have eaten before I brushed my teeth, not after.
9.) Maybe I should blog. I don't have anything to do.
10.) Yeah, I should blog.

And now the phone is finally ringing.

11.) My first victim!!!

I am very disturbed.


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