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Thursday, June 8, 2006

Last night, I learned a very important lesson.

It was a lesson that I would have been extremely grateful not to have to learn through experience.

But it was a lesson indeed.

The lesson was this:

Don't ever let someone talk you into something you have steadfastly refused for three years. There was probably once a logical reason you decided not to do that something, and even if you've forgotten your reason, it was probably a good one.

How did I learn this lesson?

My husband and I visited our local hair cuttery last night because Pete's hair had started making wilderness inroads down his neck and the split ends on my own hair were numbering in the hundreds per hair.

As usual, the moment we entered the salon, the stylist asked me if I was there to get my eyebrows done. This has become a tradition. Each of the 50 times I have visited this particular salon over the last three (or is it four years now?) years, they have asked me this question. As usual, I answered politely, "no, maybe another time, or something. I just don't want to."

Last night, however, things changed. I wanted a change. I have recently become quite determined to grow my hair out, so going drastically short was out. I sat through my haircut, disappointed because my cut wasn't chic or classy--it was just a trim. My cut was finished before Pete's was, and I sat down to wait for him.

The stylists saw their chance. They all ganged up on me at once, telling me how much I needed to have my eyebrows waxed and how good I would look if I just took a bit off.

Finally, I asked the price question. It was fairly reasonable, a mere eight dollars.

Now I turned to my faithful husband and asked him his opinion.

"Sweetie, do you think I should get my eyebrows waxed?"

For a short moment, I saw a panicked look cross his sans-glasses face. He tried to look at me while his stylist moved her buzzer over his head, trying to ascertain how desperately my eyebrows needed a wax. Seeing nothing (because he can see nothing, sans glasses), he told me that it was up to me.

So I caved.

Do you know, I was charged eight dollars to submit myself to the worst kind of torture woman ever came up with to beautify herself?

What woman would voluntarily surrender her eyebrows to the barbaric technique that consists of hot wax being placed on a perfectly decent brow then summarily stripped (along with her deeply set hair) from her face with a wrench that threatens to reduce her to tears?

I'm telling you, girls, if you have never had your eyebrows waxed, don't. It may look glamorous, but holy cow does it ever HURT. The pressure may be on and you may think you look like a neanderthal woman, but DON'T do it.

I lost over half of my eyebrows to the wax last night. I'm told it looks really good and that I still look like myself. Still, I think that next time someone tries to talk me into something, I will stick by my guns and refuse to change, even if I've forgotten the reason.

(for you people who know me, you do realize that this is a highly unlikely possibility... but if it threatens as much pain as having your eyebrows plucked from your face, I will DEFINITELY think for a few years first!)

QUALIFIER: Please do not blame Pete for not protecting me. He is innocent in all of this. He just couldn't see without his glasses.


Anonymous said...

No, Kelly. You see, secretly, Pete is out to destroy you. Better face up to facts.
Has he started dying your white t-shirts yet?

Megs said...

Hehe!! That's funny! I don't think I shall ever get my eyebrows seems like self-inflicted torture to me!!!

Heidi said...

That's hilarious, Kelly. The first (and only) time I got my eyebrows waxed, I didn't think it was that bad. What I didn't like is that my skin is so sensitive that it stayed red for five whole days! Although I'm told that if the salon is reputable and does it correctly, that shouldn't happen. Guess I picked the wrong place. :-P Oh well, for now, I'll stick with plucking...although I have to say, I think that hurts worse than wax.

The things women go through! Can't wait to see the new do. ;)

My Fathers' Daughter said...

...eek. The stylist asked me that question last time I got my hair done. I think I'm glad I declined.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope the loss of eyebrow isn't permanent... Signed: a certain closely related member of the previous generation who really wishes something similar hadn't happened to the other certain equally closely related member of the previous generation, though under slightly different circumstances and prior to the beginning of the relationship between said certain closely related members of the previous generation.

Sarah said...

Contrary to the above posts I think it's a great thing to do, especially if you aren't lucky to have nicely shaped brows naturally (which I don't). It's worth it if it shows off your eyes... which it does! I applaud your choice. :)

Compared to other things some women experience the pain is little for the end means. Just be glad it's not like child birth.

Leeann said...

Wax bad. Thread technique good. My salon does it and it's quick and much less painful.
Just fyi.
Love you ;)

Angel said...

LOL. . . I think I nearly cried the first time I had mine waxed. Of course the second time it barely hurt at all. And now I try to have it done as often as I can afford it because I don't like plucking.

I'm proud of you Kelly; don't worry--it won't hurt as much the next time, as long as you don't wait too long. ;)

HisDelightIsInMe said...

*grin* I just got my eyebrow waxed yesterday too - but not for the first time ;-) And I even contemplated posting about the torture, and how evil it is of nice salons to play pretty new age music in the back ground to fool you into thinking it feels nice. But the problem was, after the immediate hurt I realized that it wasn't so bad. Especially when I looked in the mirror, because I was just as surprised as always that my little tiny eyes suddenly didn't look quite so small, and that I could see them shining and green even when I smiled, as if they were happy that my dark eye brows were again serving as a frame and not a hiding place *smirk*. And the salon did provide coffee and cookies, which may have convinced me anyway.

Kelly Sauer said...

Ashley, dear, you are far too easily bought...

Kelly Sauer said...

Also, Dad, if you are the anonymous commenter from the previous generation, be assured, they are already beginning to come back... We have not decided if we want to play with tweezers yet...

A Scottish Whisper said...

Good grief! The horrors of it all nearly cause me to quiver in my boots. Pete, laddy, pal, I put it to you that while the gentler sex is quite to be admired and indeed praised for a great many things (which are indeed too many to be herein listed), the act of voluntarily going through such horrendous acts of violence to their personal appearance seems to me to be a bit, well, incomprehensible and peculiar. Somewhat along the same lines, I remain firmly seated in my own belief that guys just have it easier. Tootlepip 'n ta-ta for now.

Heidi said...

I thought of you yesterday, Kell, when I went to get my eyebrows waxed. ;) In my previous comment I stated that I had only had it done once, and my skin reacted to it so badly I never did it again, but after several years of plucking, I was tired of all the hairs I couldn't get. I don't like random hairs growing around my eyes. Ewww. So I decided to try waxing again. It didn't really hurt, and my skin has recovered much better this time, except the skin above one brow decided to break out. Lovely. I must say though, that my eyebrows look fantastic and it's *so* much easier than plucking. *wink*

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