On Being Grateful

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I want to post a list of things for which I have been grateful over the last couple weeks or so. They aren't in any particular order, for those of you who worry about prioritizing... :-P

*My family
*My husband and his love for me
*Two days of sunny, coolish weather and dry breezes that come through your bedroom window and remind you what it's like to live
*The amazing strength and encouragement God gives when I am at the end of myself and more huge things come into my life
*My sister's life
*The dreams God gives me about having a family of my own
*The friends He has placed around me for prayer and support and encouragement
*The righteousness of Christ
*God's love for me that means no one can stand against me when He is on my side
*People who know more than I do
*An afternoon with a dear friend
*Emails from people who love me and pray for me
*Unexpected visits
*Falling in love
*Smelling the tangy, humid pine scent just before a summer rain
*Answered prayer that reminds me that God still cares
*What God is doing in my family
*People who ask me how I'm doing and really care
*The hope that it's going to be okay tomorrow. Every day.
*Laughing with Pete through the hard times


Somebody Unknown said...

thanks big sis.

Heidi said...

I'm thankful for you!

Oh, and I'm back to blogging. We hope. :-P

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