The Christmas Gift Dilemma

Friday, September 29, 2006

So. It's a little early to be talking about Christmas. Unless you consider that I actually have to have a budget this year, with expenses like a new computer for home and Photoshop for my new computer. And camera equipment. And the fact that I am still in the process of decorating my house.

This year, I need to plan ahead for my Christmas gift-giving. I have to. Since I am planning to quit before Christmas, I have to figure out how much I can spend, if I'll have time to make gifts, and who I need to buy for.

My amazing sister-in-law is a year ahead of me. She did her Christmas shopping for this year on the day after Thanksgiving last year.

Not so Kelly.

Should I do cards and a photo for my friends? Should I write a Christmas letter and mail it with my still-not-finished wedding thank-you notes? Do I buy gifts for people who gave me a lot of money for my wedding? What am I thinking?

Do I have time to go shopping? My calendar weekends are booked out for the next year, it seems!

As you can see, I have a dilemma.

If anyone has any wonderful ideas about Christmas gifts, please post them in a comment! I would love to get some input on what I should do to cut costs, get things sent out, whatever! I'm running out of creativity!


Leeann said...

Well, to begin with, a gift is a gift because it is given without obligation – so you should only give gifts to those to whom the act of giving would truly be a gift. Confusing enough? *grin*
Homemade salsa was a big hit last year – something with a personal touch and reflecting my own regional “differences” with those around me. Plus, red and green are quite Christmasy colors. I didn’t quite do a cost breakdown but I estimate each batch, but including the decorations on the mason jars, may have cost $3 a pop. Not bad. There are many similar jar projects out there (my mom gave me a whole book of ideas actually) that can be done on a tight budget – I’d be happy to provide that next time I see you!
Domestic moment over. Back to work.

Angel said...

One gift that I love using for the families I know is a "movie night." Use a basket, a small box or even just a paper sack if that's what you have :), put in a $5 Blockbuster gift card, a package of microwaveable popcorn and a couple little packages of M&Ms. Sometimes I also stick a few candy canes in (which we always seem to have plenty of around the holidays!). You can get three packages of popcorn in a box for 99 cents, so the whole thing (minus the basket) ends up costing about $6. If I give this to my aunt, uncle and cousins, I've just covered six people for a dollar each. ;) And of course you can make it look really cute with wrapping paper, tissue, a rubber-stamped card, etc. The more time you have to spend on it, the cuter it is. :)

Angel said...

Oh yeah -- another thing I do is keep my eyes peeled at garage sales for Christmas-y tins and baskets for this purpose. You wouldn't believe how many I find. *grin*

Kate said...

On a very similar note to the others, baked goods are a fun project and people really enjoy them as well. If you want a change from all the sweets around Christmas, we would sometimes make homemade bread and put it in a festive basket or tin. Another really pretty idea is peppermint stars -- it just requires star shaped cookie cutters and round peppermint candies. I'll have to email you instructions, if you like

Kelly Sauer said...

Wow, those are some really great ideas! Thank you so much! If I ever thought I was creative... Kit, please do email me some instructions!

Megs said...

Visiting friends you haven't seen in forever is a great gift idea!! (Connecticut is a great place to visit!!!) *hint, hint, hint*


Whitney said...

Ohh, i want those directions too. :-p

thy sis said...

I did NOT take that picture...I only wish I did!! haha I found it on the internet. =) -cough- hehe

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