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Wednesday, September 20, 2006



"Tending to bring a memory, mood, or image, for example, subtly or indirectly to mind: allusive, connotative, impressionistic, reminiscent, suggestive."

~Houghton-Mifflin Thesaurus

My waking this morning to a world that can only be described as evocative took me to a place I haven't been for what seems an eternity.

It appeared at first that it would be another cloudy day that hinted at rain, but as the morning crept in, I stopped at my bedroom window to see the sun streaming softly through the trees across the pasture opposite our little cottage. It wasn't quite a yellow sunlight yet, still tinged with the rose-gold of sunrise, and it tipped the dew-crested grass with silver.

There was a horse standing in the pasture, a brown, just taking in the morning. And then the breeze began, whispering through my window with the scent of autumn on its wings.

"It's coming," the wind seemed to whisper. "The cool of autumn and the rest of winter is coming."

And life will begin again.

Say goodnight to the light of the setting sun
One more day, one more way
Of keeping track of all I've done

I run this race, keep this pace, I'm doing fine
And I won't stop until each box
Gets checked a second time

And life becomes the 'round and 'round
Revolving door that won't slow down
It won't slow down

Do You wish, do You want us to breathe again?
Say goodbye to the lines that we've colored in
Brown and gray from day to day

Do You cry, do You hope for all things made new?
Try and try to evoke us to live in You
That we might be the hands and feel of this mystery

~Nichole Nordeman, This Mystery


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