The changes you don't plan for

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

(No, I am not requisitioning any clothing I have previously given away.)

But I did have to make a shopping run with Pete on Monday night to the maternity store. You see, in all of my well-thought-out planning, I did not plan on HSLDA not having a replacement for me when *I* planned to quit. So, I simply bought casual-type maternity clothes for when I wasn't in the office, because I wouldn't need to wear any work clothes after January anyway.

So, after 15 outfits that didn't fit on Monday morning and a summer dress for a day that felt like 9 degrees with wind chill and a conversation with my boss about options I have which I knew nothing about (options like staying a bit longer and taking three months maternity leave and getting paid for some of that time even if I don't come back afterward, and options like maybe working a four-day week through March and still being considered full-time), I decided that I wasn't going to be uncomfortable at work anymore. My clothes now fit me AND Weebix.

The good news is, God does appear to have a replacement for me in the pipeline. He just wants to do it His own way and bring the guy in March. I guess He knew about those options I didn't consider. Silly me. I just wanted to quit. He just wanted to provide. Good thing He's still in charge, however frustrating it may be to me to be completely out of control.


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