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Thursday, January 11, 2007

This is me, feeling much better.

Why, you may ask, did you need to feel better?

If I were cruel, I would stop the post here.

I think I'm cruel. But I might as well say. I'm happy because I changed midwives today. I spent 18 minutes on the phone with a receptionist at the new birthing center (I know it was 18 minutes because I am watching the number of minutes I use after we racked up $155.00 in cell phone charges over Christmas), and I got quite a few questions answered. This particular birthing center actually BELIEVES that women have been having babies for thousands of years, and they're willing to treat me like I might be able to handle knowing what is going on with me and my baby. It also appears that they are willing to consider me as a whole person, instead of a number in an endless line of pregnant women walking in and out of their office.

Crossing fingers now, for my appointment with them at the end of the month...

But very happy. Wow. I think I might start having fun now...

Oh, did I mention I have my appetite back? Food is goood.......


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