my life at thirteen weeks

Monday, January 8, 2007

Christmas was tiring. Mom still hasn't recovered. She's sick, 'cause I'm a parasite, and I take everything she needs to stay healthy.

But she's eating again. I like the food idea.

Last week Mom and Dad and Uncle Kate heard my heartbeat. I mean, it's like "Duh, I'm alive in here already!" but they still thought it was pretty cool. Mom compared me to a worm in some movie called The Matrix. I think she's afraid of bugs. Or something.

Anyway, Mom is becoming more certain that I am going to be a handful. Even if I am not a twin, I will keep her busy. My heartbeat was a pretty strong 160. Hey, I'm healthy, what can I say?

Gramma Grace says that Mom will be able to feel me moving around in her tummy soon. Everybody says it will feel like a tickle. Personally, I'm insulted. HELLO, I'M *KICKING* HERE! You just can't be mean when you're cute, even when you try!

Mom and Dad started setting up my room. It's kind of an all-purpose room. A study and spare bedroom and TV room and now nursery. I guess I'm a catch-all. They're going to put me to bed early in the bedroom so they can watch movies after I go to sleep. Somehow, this seems slightly unfair.


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