24 hours of YUCK

Saturday, February 10, 2007

So Mom and I got the flu on Thursday night.

Well, Mom did, anyway. She was throwing up. It was nasty out there, I'm sure, but for now I don't have to worry too much about the germs or mess or anything. I'm specially protected and all that.

But I *didn't* want to be lying around doing nothing all day on Friday. I figured out how not to tickle her when I move inside--you just have to make the kick really quick and obvious. So I practiced all of that while she was lying down and resting. It was really good practice, because with her not moving, I could go where I wanted without interference.

We got pretty hungry, though. We couldn't really eat anything for about 24 hours. Mom finally had to resort to rice water, which doesn't taste as bad as you think it would, and she got to eat a grapefruit before bed, which helped me feel better. But I still woke up hungry this morning!

We are very thankful for our new midwives. They are on call all the time for any questions that we have, so Dad called them while Mom and I were stuck to the floor on Friday morning and they told us that we didn't need to go to the hospital, which I'm sure was nice for Mom, but I wouldn't know. The midwives know a lot about me and a lot about Mom, and we like them. We like that they care about us and that they want us to be healthy.

We don't like flu viruses, but we like seeing Uncle Kate, who came up to feed Mom and me while Dad was taking his last final EVER. So I guess getting the flu was a good thing.

Well, we have to go rest again!


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