dear grandma...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Grandma Langner,

I thought of you today while I was scarfing down peaches and cottage cheese. I still remember how I used to dislike cottage cheese until you gave it to us with your home-canned peaches for dessert one night when Kate and I were staying with you one summer.

All of a sudden, I missed you. I miss you often--when I eat your granola with bananas, when I drink cranberry juice, when I bake bread, when I think of spring, or when I think about planting my own garden someday when I have time.

It's so odd for me to consider the moments of my life that you are missing, that you would have loved to see and be part of--meeting Pete, being there for my wedding day, seeing my first home with Pete, watching my tummy grow, looking forward to your first great-grandchild... I want Weebix to know you as much as you let me know of you when I was growing up.

I know I wouldn't be the woman I am today without the life that you gave me each time we were together. You were so wise, and you loved us all so much.

Weebix, you listen to your mommy when she tells you about your Great-Grandma Langner. I bet she dreamed about you even more than I have! She knew a lot about life, and it was worth learning. When I hold you for the first time, I think I will miss her more. I so wish she could be a part of your life now.


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