Introduction: Valentine's Week

Saturday, February 10, 2007

For those of you who missed my blog last year when Valentine's Week happened, I basically posted a lot about mushy stuff, with some Valentine's Rememberies and other sundry stuff.

Well, it's back. It was so nice to have more than one day to consider Valentine's Day that we thought we'd do it again--the options are so much wider than $200.00 dinners in over-packed restaurants on Valentine's Day.

So, God willing, and Weebix cooperating, I hope to have another week of Valentine's posts!


Heidi said...

hehehe, we thought it was so cool that you did that last year, that WE decided to do it this year! *grin* We're starting on Monday, I think, and continuing through our Friday stay at a B&B. *grin*

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